Artist Recruitment
Your art, your craft, is both your livlihood and your lifesblood. As much as you love it, you must make a living too. We offer a peaceful, practical place where art and life meet. We bid you welcome to this place. Build a life here, raise a family, travel elsewhere from our central location. Imagine the posibilites, the magnetic draw of 50 Miles of Art - artists working together, supporting one another toward common goals.

"My wife, Linn, and I started our business in Hannibal year ago and have been able to grow into three stores. We take pride in our community and are happy to have taken part in the wonderful growth in the area for artists and artisans. The Fifty Mile of Art project is a real opportunity for both artists and the region to realize their full potential in this corridor for the arts." – Steve Ayers, potter

The 50 Miles: Hannibal, Louisiana and Clarksville form a natural triptych along the Mississippi River (and Scenic Byway 79) with natural links to one another through heritage and history, as well as their combined effort to establish a now thriving arts corridor. These communities offere a relaxed, affordable lifestyle, available buildings, an established tourism industry, a central location and an existing network of local artists and artisans to those interedsted in relocating their galleries and art-related businesses to Northeast Missouri. The 50 Miles of Art project represents a truly regional approach to economic and community development.

FACT: Northeast Missouri has over two million tourists visiting and spending an average of $169 per day.

Downtown revitalization efforts have helped the tourism industry flourish. Dinner theaters, restaurants, riverboats, coffee and antique shops as well as art-related shops are among the wonderful collection of businesses in the area. Our locationalso makes us easy to get to and a convenient stop-over or final travel destination. We invite you to check out Clarksville, Louisiana and Hannibal and consider making this your home.

"Our retail store fronts have grown amazingly and out-distanced our expectations. Wiht more growth in the number of artists, artisans and craftsmen, we can only hope to see an increas in our income from our own studios as we progress." – John Stoeckley

Interested in finding out more? Contact Michael Gaines at the Hannibal Arts Council at (573) 221-6545.

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